PowerScene HMI

PowerScene Studio is graphic design tool. The users can make drawings which can be used at the operational site.It is easy and convenient to design by the help of over 1,500 widgets of high quality graphic library, customer configurable interface and high performance graphic engine.

  • Vector Image

    PowerScene is working on full vector based engine, the graphic functions like magnification and rotation is running very fast without losing resolution.백터 이미지

  • Various kind of Symbol

    The library include over 1,500 popular symbol is provided, so it is easy to design drawing without the other graphic program.백터 이미지

  • Easy and Convenient Design

    The user can deploy critical and timeliness project easily and fast by using modern widget (combo box, check box, tree, calendar and table, etc.) and convenient user interface.백터 이미지

  • Various kind of Graph

    The various chart function is provided as bar, circle, polygon, band chart, so the data can be shown effectively.백터 이미지

  • Easy image import from other tools

    The image made by the popular graphic tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, can be easily imported to Powerscene and user images also can be added easily.백터 이미지

  • Special object

    For the industry, widely used object like gauge, LED, slider bar is provided, so users can show high quality screen with real time measured or calculated value.