Introduction of item
The VITZROEM RTU(Remote Terminal Unit) acquires the field data and sends/receives the information to/from the upper system via RS-232 communication. MICRO-RTU Board is a product equipped with a 16bit microprocessor, ‘80C196KC-20MHz’, and built-in with SCC chip, ‘85C30’, to provide 2-channel SIO PORT. Main memory capacity is 16KB and program memory is 32KM. MICRO-RTU is an Embedded System Controller with a Serial Port that allows an Interface with 2-Port asymmetrical serial communication device. It is developed to improve the compatibility of signal by selecting RS-232 (or RS-422/485) communication and Modbus protocol mode is adopted for the data transmission with Master(HOST).

Product Features

 1) MICRO-RTU obtains external data and communicates with the external devices via RS-232, RS-422/485 communication. It consists of a removable connector which enables an easy installation or A/S.
 2) It supports max. 2-channel RS232 communication and its communication speed is 1200 bps-38400 bps.
3) It uses the console port which allows us to see the status on communication with the upper system and on data acquirement on PC.
4) RESET Switch Input Part
  – When restarting due to a system failure, SIO board itself performs a Reset Function.

– A switch input signal is input through a Reset Switch attached to the upper-left part of the front panel and when the Reset Function is implemented, the status display lamp of MICRO-RTU is lighted in red.