Introduction of item
VIDER-M4 is a digital integrated power meter that is installed with various mechanical, analogue meter functions based on the existing distribution/receiving panel mode. The panel is mounted in front, receiving CT and PT inputs of distribution panel and rectifier panel so as to measure all the electrical elements of the power line and its case is inflammable with 110x110m in size. The device is designed with an up-to-date microprocessor and an advanced digital signal processing technology. All the electrical parameters are measured and displayed, and RS-485, MODBUS protocol is provided for a communication with the other computers.

Product Features

1) Measured parameters of the power line can be monitored by three 7-Segments Display Windows, and CT ratio and PT ratio can be set using the front panel.
2) It is displayed with the phase voltage, phase-phase voltage, phase current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active electric energy, reactive electric energy, apparent electric energy, frequency, power factor and load factor.
3) The load factor of the power line being used is numerically displayed to intuitively check the load status. The voltage input value is set and if a value is input that is less than the set value, an alarm (open-phase) goes off with a lamp to monitor the power line status