Introduction of item

VIPAM3500 (Integrated Electronic Device) is a digital protection relay that enables a high-precision measurement and protection relay for switchgear power equipments. The switchgear panel became compact by connecting various protection functions with DSP algorithm and high-speed logic function to enable a flexible engineering.
It is the IED with variety of interfaces with the upper system resulting in an electronic distribution panel solution. 7”TFT-LCD(HD) is used to check diverse information and Touchpad is used to simplify the operation setting, providing Korean or English and operators can easily use the device with an intuitive operation method. MODBUS and DNP3.0 Protocol that is widely used at industrial sites are applied and the network is redundant for the reliability of the communication. A management program is used on PC for IED value setting, logic design, value monitoring, output control and so forth. RS232 port in front of VIPAM3500 uses PC HMI software to support additional services including the device setting, measurement, power monitoring and saving/modifying/ recovering values [relay factors]. Also, Fault Wave Data to analyze relay-relevant information can be checked. A voice output terminal at the rear part is used to remotely check the power line status, and if the wireless modem is installed, Events and Fault status of the power line based on IED can be sent via a mobile device in order to deal with the emergency situations promptly.


Product Features

1) 7”Color TFT LCD Touch Screen for easy operation and use

2) MIMIC Diagram using a color graphic LCD

3) Korean/English menu selection

4) Setting Group setting

5) Logic Function

6) Voice alarm function, main alarm can be output with voice.

7) SMS sending function: designating maximum of 10 receiving call numbers

8) Status is displayed by receiving inputs from several sensors installed at the power line(Maximum of 4)